Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year, New Diet

We recently got a Vitamix when we went to the Home Show in Salt Lake City. Every time we see one of these at a fair or anything we always want one but its hard to justify spending so much money on a blender. But I have to say, BEST MONEY SPENT EVER!! I've already taken the time to separate individual servings of smoothies out and put them in the freezer for ease. Just throw the baggie contents in the Vitamix, add some liquid (juice or water) and spinach and voilĂ  instant healthy breakfast shake. I have to also have a little English muffin with it in the morning. I may try adding flaxseed at a later time but I have to get used to the spinach first, it does make the smoothie taste a little funny, but it's more of a texture thing for me.

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